Books to Make Your Students Better People

Books move people. These books will help you instill values in, have important conversations with, and build community with your students and children.    Chapter Books:  Wonder- R.J Palacio - Kindness - Tolerance - Empathy - Friendship   Out of My Mind - Sharon Draper - Empathy - Perseverance   Fish in a Tree -… Continue reading Books to Make Your Students Better People

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Teaching Similes & Metaphors

  What's the deal with similes and metaphors? Why are similes as easy for students to grasp as 1+1, but metaphors are a map without a key? See what I did there? Hilarious I know. What's not hilarious, is how many times I've pulled my hair out over students struggling to differentiate between the two. If you're… Continue reading Teaching Similes & Metaphors